Mutual Fund commision?

I like to join Mutual fund for investment..
My question was..
1.I will join Mutual Fund directly through company or like distributor Bajaj capital or BlueChip…what was difference between joining..

Mutual Fund commision?
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  1. As you wish…you can do Directly from you bank account.. or through Distributor. or direct company… also one time monthly quarterly and yearly also can invest.

  2. Right now mutual fund business is very tuff because there some disappointment about commission of distributor so you can start directly or indirect there is doesn’t matter.

  3. sorry i am confused with your question:

    If it means that you want to work as distributor for mutual funds, then my suggestion will be do directly as this helps you to provide better service to your investors.

    If your question is related to investment

    Its all depend on the services provided to you.

    Basically when you invest in mutual funds what services you expect from advisor(distributor)

    1. You get account statements of all your investments
    2. Copies (acknowledgment) of forms which you submitted for investment for future reference in case you forget signature (as some investor find difficult to recollect as how they signed at the time of purchase. so they provide you copies of all you investment.
    3. Quarterly update about your investments if you are going for SIP mode
    4. Give you updates for dividend announcement in particular scheme if you opted for dividend payout option
    5. Help you in case you want to make changes like change in bank details, address, nominee etc etc
    6. Also keep track of your mutual fund investment, suppose you invested in particular scheme, but now fund manager, investment style changed and now fund is not performing then he/she help you to make changes and selection of good funds as per your investment needs

    For providing service person will charges fees from you as now as per new rules investor pay directly to advisor

    If you think you can able of manage all things on your own, then best is invest directly through mutual fund or even on line investing is possible, so select as per your needs.

  4. If you are planning to invest in MF go for Systematic Investment Plan(SIP). You can do it on line or through distributors. There is independent distributors who provide a personalised service which may be more convenient for some.

    Have a nice day!

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