4 Replies to “money debited from account……………?”

  1. go to your bank and ask them to investigate where they sent the money. There is a record of every transaction everywhere. Show the debit and the transaction to the policy company. Money doesn’t dissappear into thin air, it went somewhere and your bank knows where.

  2. You may go to your Bank and request them to verify which Bank has collected that cheque.
    You may write to that Bank furnishing the details of your cheque and request them to inform you that to which account the proceeds of your cheque has been credited. Alternatively, you may get the information from the collecting Banker through your Bank.

  3. As your account is debited , there is no doubt that their account is credited. If they are not admitting having received the amount, then confront them with your Bank account statement.
    You can also request the Bank for a photocopy of the paid cheque . They will give the copy and collect a small service charge from you. That cheque is your proof of payment to TATA AIG. The cheque will show which account of TATA AIG with which Bank is credited

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