One Reply to “mention the types of taxes levied by the king of the third estate in france?”

  1. The Third Estate was essentially anyone except the King (who was excluded form all three estates) who wasn’t in the First or Second Estates (Clergy and Nobility), about 97% of the population (Link 1). Essentially the same situation applied throughout Europe, not just in France. The Third Estate paid all taxes that supported the First and Second Estates and the King. “Taxes” included a 10% tithe to the church, dues (varied) to their feudal lord (the person who owned the land they lived on) … Count, etc., and a further land tax to the King, furthermore there was a salt tax, an obligation for forced labour (on roads for example), taxes on produce (e.g. wine), items entering cities, and sold at fairs, military taxes, etc. etc, (See 2nd link for details). It was the overwhelming cumulative burden of taxes that led to the French Revolution.

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