Medium Risk – Medium Returns Mutual funds?

I would like to invest Rs 5000 per month in a mutual fund through SIP. can someone suggest some good funds. i’m expecting at least 15% returns every year.

Medium Risk – Medium Returns Mutual funds?
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  1. Expecting 15% returns per year is highly unrealistic. It can happen occasionally and with a few funds, but in general 8% is more likely.

  2. Such returns can not be achieved in mutual funds. May be yes if markets rally sharply higher and higher. If you are interested in more returns then prepare a portfolio of your own. Select the best stocks from each rising sectors and make a group. Then buy few shares every month of each selected stock and hold on to them. You can include Gold and silver as well in it. I am sure if you continuously do it for five years you can do more than 100 per cent.

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