MasterCard verification Failed?

I tried to purchase Bioware points from Bioware website. I am from India and used my debit card (MasterCard). But the verification failed. Any idea why ?

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  1. It is Sandozbaug Post Office. This falls under the Thane Head Post Office jurisdiction.

    Thane is a city on the outskirts of central suburbs of Mumbai (Bombay)

    Also in India it is PIN and not ZIP code. PIN stands for Postal Identification Number.

  2. Hey Ashish, I’m from India as well and i had similar problems. what you have to do is:
    1) Go to your bank eg: ICICI
    2) Meet the manager and ask for your Debit card helpline number.
    3) Once you have that call the number.
    4) and Tell them to activate “International and Online Transaction”.

    This will enable you to make purchases Online and Both Nationally and Internationally.

    Abhisar Bhatnagar

  3. could be any # of reasons but i think it might be like Abhisar posted

    or you didnt have the funds to buy the correct amount if im not mistaken they do charge 1 dollar verify fee just to make sure the card is real and its returned few days to a week later

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