3 Replies to “lot of talk is happening about foreign investments in India on higher level?which will gain from that ?”

  1. I am quite sure everyone will gain from India’s rising economy resulting in strong industrialization on the move. The country’s government operates with enviable visibility, being the democracy it is. Too, all eyes are on events unfolding there inasmuch as China occupies some of the same space bt only now is showing signs of having to share the limelight.

    Energy promises to be a leader in terms of receiving outside money for the development of energy-related facilities. The national oil company is much more aggressive of late, taking stakes in energy companies engaged in oil and natural gas exploration all over the world.

    India has long been a global leader in Internet-based technology, electronics and frankly, I see no limits that could possibly curb the planet’s thirst for Indian culture, either.


  2. in fact black money of indians and world mafia en route through FII and increase speculative mentality in indians.
    FII buy in cheap and sell their stock in higher rates , and get away with money .
    the greedy poor investors wait for higher rate or sell their stock in cheap.
    from 1992-93 to 2008 they are playing this game.
    a few rich and resourceful indians earn and majority of indians loose their hard earn money.
    Fii get benefited on lose of indian investors.
    rich become richer and poor more poorer.
    common peoples suffer from inflation.
    till yesterday fii were net buyers but from today it looks scene is changing,resulting in down direction of nifty and sensex and higher inflation and rise of interest by RBI.

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