Lost money in shares?

I took a loan of 2 lacs and lost it in shares in intra day.Please advise,im goin thru depression cos of this and not able to get outta this touts.Also this is eating up inot my salary every month as EMI.Every month when i pay the EMI it haunts me.I have also lost my GF cos of this.

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  1. Do not get depressed failing which you may need further money to spend on medicals.I am understanding that this loan must not be from bank as they need security so it must be a personal loan. If taken from your company you are working fine talk to management to reduce the EMI , if not take a fresh loan against your PF/PPF/ FD etc., and can save a lot on interest and EASY instalments can be considered now a days by banks based on years of service remaining. Or borrow from friends and relatives at least half of original amount to reduce the further outgoing from present salary. Or if family has good quota of Gold sell them half to reduce as prices are lucrative for sell.

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