Looking for good mutual funds for investing?

Could you please give a list of good mutual funds for investing (SIP or normal) ? Provide the name of the funds.
Looking for MF in Indian market
Sorry bad term .
“Good”: MF that are well managed and had decent returns and expected to do well in future.

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  1. what does ‘good’ mean in this context?

    if you don’t know, how will you choose? Vanguard.com alone must have 20 of them and there are other, larger houses with more. Vanguard, however, is one of the most frugal on costs and fees, so they’re definitely worth looking into.

  2. Start with a no-load index fund. Usually takes about $ 1000 to start. If yu don’t have that accumulated, a Primerica Financial services rep can start you investing in a Roth IRA @ only $ 25/month, if that is all you can save. There is a charge. But on $ 25/month, you don’t even have to worry about that now. (You might even decide to become a rep yourself)
    But once you have about $ 1000-$ 1500 ionvested (and you learn a lot more about investing) you could switch accounts to a discount broker (Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard) or buy another no-load fund (Inveso, Berger Funds are good) but there are LOADS of others. Use yahoo finance or the Motley Fool to start your education, AND READ SOME BOOKS ON MUTUAL FUNDS AND INVESTING! (now there’s a novel idea for people on yahoo answers!)
    You can look up the track record on mutual funds ( yahoo or value Line or Morningstar)
    The best one last year does not mean it will be the best one this year. Look at what are the best sectors right now–Gold? International? Domestic? China? Hi tech? Pharmaceuticals? Biotech? You got a lotta learning to [email protected]

  3. mutual funds depend purely on share markets when share markets themselves is not reliable how can be the mutual funds i wonder at present uti master plus and sbi magnum multiplier magnum tax gain and franklin templeton prima plus are some going well but no body can guarantee the performances will continue to improve

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