3 Replies to “Long term trend of Sensex is bullish according to Elliot Wave International?”

  1. sorry, i dont beleive in this report at all.
    the problem with indian markets is that of liquidity. there is not enough money in Indian Market to take the sensex to a new heights. rbi is increasing the cost of money day by day with their nonsensical interest rate increase and increase in crr. FIIs are being kept our of market by another great man , our FM. last year we were getting millions of dollars every day and our financial controllers had a simple case of indigestion with so much of money. now the FIIs are selling almost every day and taking our their money. so, wihout fress investments what can the elliot wave do ????? the market will keep on swinging between 4200 to 4800 ( nifty ) and i have no hop of the market going up further than that for a long long time

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