Long term investments options?

I am total dumb as far as investment options are concerned. So far I have been investing only in fixed deposits and few stocks but never ventured into Mutual funds or SIPs. Now I have about 1lakh ready for investment (one fixed deposit maturing) which I plan to put in mutual funds or SIPs. How would you recommend to invest this amount so that I get maximum returns in 10 years from now. There is a child arriving in the family soon (if this changes your suggestion.)
Many thanks for the suggestions.

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  1. Don’t put all your money in one fund. visit valueresearchonline.com and moneycontrol.com
    analyse the best funds and invest in different 5 to 10 funds and invest in them. Then your money will be safe and get moderate returns.
    My picks are, SBI Magnum Contra, TaxGain, Franklintempletons bluechip,prima,prima plus, sundaram BNP paribas select midcap, tax saver, HDFC Tax saver, LT Advantage, Reliance Growth, vision,LT advantage etc.,

    good luck
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  2. Diversify your investment. You have the options of Mutual fund, SIP and ULIPs. Find a mutual fund which has diversed its investments in various different sectors such as Infrastructure, IT, Banking and so on.. Check which sector has highest investment and also the rewarding. Rite now Infrastructure is most rewarding. But remember Higher the risk Higher the return. Then SIP would be a monthly investment so go for any government recognised bank or MNC banks. ULIP’s would be good option for you as they provide both returns and insurance cover. SO that would be better, but go for long term at least for 5 years. In ULIps you have many options endowment, retirement and children plans so take the one which is best for you. I think you should go for retirement plan now. Once you have kid and its around two – three years old go for Childrens plan. Hope this Helps..!!

  3. Read a good beginner book. Otherwise, how will you know the advice being given to you is legit or not?

    – Mutual Funds for Dummies, by Eric Tyson. Every person on this planet needs to read this book. Period.

    – The Boglehead’s guide to investing is a good second choice.

    http://www.invest-for-retirement.com has a free book. Chapters 19 and 23 are the most useful. The rest is just filler. Trust me. I wrote it.

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