long term investment?

hi all
i have an investible amount of 10 lakh which i want to invest exclusively for my two very young kids (both less than two yrs) horizon 15-20 yrs , need some safety for my kids in case of something happening to me and of course money should multiply many folds to cater for future needs of my kids

long term investment?
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  1. You should consider an annuity, or a life insurance policy.

    You could put it into CD’s but the administration of that can get complicated.

    This is what life insurance is for.

  2. you need to allocate the resources in various categories partly in Gold,in shares through Mutual fund via SIP route,in fixed deposit,insurance products. present equity market is not good so please wait for a market crash to allocate the resources for shares, gold is safest bet for the time being.

  3. u better invest in lic komal jevan for ur kid & dere r many other different option dat is ur choice . but da matter is of safety & long term den u can go 4 lic only. consult good lic agent & invest. good bye tk care , happy future fr both da kid

  4. Gold can take care of inflation in a long term…
    Equity is good, but current situation is not conducive …
    Real estate is again not in good shape for the time being …

    You can park your money in FD, until market conditions are good …


  5. hi,

    best option in current scenario would be to invest in bank under fixed deposit or any such schemes may sound orthodox but safest, and returns are guaranteed.
    insurance could be one more safe haven specially LIC they have quite good schemes for childrens career and long term period.

    as far as possible avoid market, your money could be at risk looking at the market volatility.


  6. If your horizon is 15-20 years, you can use PPF but problem is that they accept 70K per annum only. Profit of PPF is that return is tax free & you get 8.5% true return

    You can buy some debt oriented mutual fund & then park your money towards PPF annually.

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