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  1. Many people have great ideas for a start-up business. Unfortunately, finding the money to finance a new business venture is difficult. Many new business owners don’t have money on-hand to meet the expense, and qualifying for a loan is tough. Still, there are numerous finance options available to help entrepreneurs.

    1. Small Business Administration. Getting approved for a SBA loan is doable, as long as you meet the requirements. To qualify for such loans, new business owners must invest some of their own cash into the venture. In addition, the Small Business Administration requires a detailed business plan and excellent credit rating.

    2. Home Equity Loan. Do you own a home? If so, a home equity loan or line of credit may provide you with the necessary funds to finance a new business. Take advantage of rising property values and invest in your business. Borrow only what you need, and make sure that you can handle the payments. Failure to repay a home equity loan or second mortgage puts your home at risk of foreclosure.

    3. Get a personal loan. To qualify for a personal business loan, you’ll need collateral and good credit. Collateral can be any personal property of substantial value. Unsecured personal loans are available. However, borrowers pay a higher interest rate for these loans.

    4. Private investor. Persons who can’t qualify for a small business loan or personal loan might consider a private investor. Private investors are individuals or corporations that are prepared to finance your business. They’ll lend you start-up capital. In turn, you make monthly payments to the investor. This finance option is convenient. However, some private investors charge very high finance fees.

    5. Grant. Funding a new business with grant money is ideal because grants don’t require repayment. Yet, it is hard to find a suitable grant program for profit businesses. The majority of grants are reserved for non-profit organizations or new businesses on a mission to improve a community. For example, it is easier to receive grant money to start a daycare or after school program in a low-income neighborhood than it is to find money to open a hair salon in a thriving community.

  2. Initially you have to find a financier with a higher rate of interest. After you keep a good track, you can approach Banks to fund you at a cheaper rate of interest. Threshold struggle will always be there for a new entrant. Perseverance is Success !

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