4 Replies to “List out life Insurance companies which offer Inflation Index linked Pension plans in India ?”

  1. Points of Difference
    Kotak Life Insurance’s

    Kotak Retirement Income
    HDFC Standard Life’s

    Unit Linked Pension Plus

    Met Advantage Plus

    Fund management charge
    1.6%-2% per annum on fund value
    0.8% per annum on fund value
    1.75% per annum on fund value

    Premium allocation charge
    13.12% in I year

    2.8% from II year onwards
    50% in the I year

    1% from II year onwards
    20% in the I year

    2% from II to X year

    1% from XI yr onwards

    Policy administration charge
    2%-13% of premium
    Rs 20 per month
    Rs 25 per month

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