Life Insurance Scenario?

Hi All,
I have New Jeevan Shree Policy type 151/25 of SA Rs. 500,000
I have paid premiums of Rs. 31249/- p.a. + Interest since January 2003
I have paid Rs. 187494/- till date which is due of 31249/-
My Loan Status is only
DOC 28/01/2003
Plan 151
Term 25
Paid Up Value 1,25, 000.00
Accrued Bonus 0.00
Surrender Value 91400
Accrued Bonus : 210,000
I request you to send me the scenarios in which
If I continue with the Policy How Much will I get??
If I surrender How Much will I get????,If I invest in PPF? + term Insurance of 500,000

I am not sure about the Maturity Numbers of this and I pay only 16 Premiums of this Policy rather 25 premiums.
I would be highly obliged if u can send me the worksheet of the numbers u calculate based on scenarios.
Thanking You,
Murtaza Tarwadi
How to change the term ad sum assured of the policy?

Is it tradeable in open market..I heard Insurance Policy Plus Services (IPPS) does it?

I need an spreadsheet analysis of my goal of 25 lacs in 19 years with how much return I will be able accomplish it , with the same amount of premium?
Please refer to this article

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  1. You should have approached the office itself or a financial consultant or the agent himself.
    The clear answer to you is:
    Your policy is for 25 years and premium for 16 years you are seeking a benefit in the 5th year. So the value of your policy is 5/16 if not 5/25.
    This value is also payable after 25 years if you decide to stop the premium now. Your loan is nothing but the value of 1.25 lakhs payable after 25 years demanded in 5th year. Again it is 5/25. Bonus will be added after 5 years of payment.
    1) continue the policy for the sake of risk coverage and long term returns.
    2) If you look for short term gains, go for Unit linked policies
    3) Even if you want to surrender, try after more than half the duration or 3/4th of the term and see the difference.

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