7 Replies to “LIC-Jivan Saral??Retire & Enjoy plan 1 or 6 or any else I want to invest Rs 6000 per month,which will be bette?”

  1. You may call John of Ing Vyasa. He is available on 00919944253848, just now. He will inform you of all the possibilities. You can quote Stephen as reference.

  2. Life Insurance is a long term contract..

    Credibility of the Insurance company matters a lot..

    choosing LIC is a wise decision… Your Money is in Safe hands.

    There are deferred annuity plans like Jeevan Suraksha which you can choose. Jeevan saral is not a retirement plan.

  3. Retire & Enjoy itsefl is not a plan from LIC. It is a combination of plans offered as a retirement plan.

    Jeevan Saral also can be taken as a retirement plan because of its liquidity options.

  4. If your age is 35 and above just choose LIC’s Market Plus 1 and pay premium for only five years in monthly mode and get pension guaranteed for your life time . benefit is very attractive. if you r intrested give me a chance to do service ( chennai) if not choose any your nearest agent in your area. my mobile is 09444153927, mail id is
    [email protected]

  5. HDFC Unit Linked Pension II
    Today, you are busy climbing the ladder of success and realizing your dreams. Today, time is with you. Just take a moment and think. Will your income be the same forever? Will you be able to live life on your own terms even after you retire? The HDFC Unit Linked Pension II is Unit Linked plan, designed to provide a post-retirement income for life with the freedom to choose your retirement date. This plan gives you with an outstanding investment opportunity to maximise your savings by providing you a choice of thoroughly researched and selected investments. This plan also gives Bumper Addition to the fund value at vesting.


    This plan is designed to provide you a post retirement income for life – You can choose your premium, the Sum Assured and your retirement date. At the end of the policy term, you will receive the accumulated value of your funds, which will be used to provide your pension income in your golden years

    This plan gives you Bumper Addition to the fund value on Vesting. Your fund value will be augmented by addition of Bumper Addition to the extent of 50% of your original annualised premium chosen at inception

    On your chosen retirement (Vesting) date, you will get the value of the units in your policy. As per prevailing Government regulations;
    You can take up to 1/3rd of the total benefit at Vesting (fund value + Bumper Addition) as a tax-free cash lump sum
    The rest must be converted to annuity
    You can buy the annuity from us or any other insurer

    In the long term, the key to building great maturity values is a low Fund Management Charge (FMC). We have a low FMC of only 1.25% per annum (of the fund’s value)

    If you have not opted for AAO (Asset Allocation Option), you can change your investment fund choices in two ways:
    Switching: You can move your accumulated funds from one fund to another anytime
    Premium Redirection: You can pay your future premiums into a different selection of funds, as per your need

    You can choose to pay your premium as either Monthly (through Standing Instructions or ECS Mandate), Half yearly or Annually. You also have a range of convenient auto premium payment options

    Tax benefits under sections 80CCC of the Income Tax Act, 1961 subject to the provisions contained therein

    Choose wisely, live peacefully.

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