Lic Jeevan mitra tripal cover plan ?

I have just started LIC Jeevan Mitra Tripal cover Plan for 7 laces sum assured for 30 years and have paid 28501 in April 2011.
This is yearly premium for 30 years.

Now I am confused that


should I discontinue or surrender this policy and go for term plan as I can get 30 laces cover within 9500
and rest of money 19000 I can invest in PPF to get good retune after 30 year ???.

Am I correct in my thoughts and should do as mentioned above ????.


If I continue this policy, will I get somewhat equal return of what if I invest 19000 in PPF after 30 years???.

Please help me to get relevant answers.
Age :28

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  1. i think once you chose your option going back is always loosing , any way you may go with your first option.

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