Legal property issue. My mother in law’s’s father died without passing on the property to anyone.?

So legally my mother-in-law and her brother owns the property. Now, if my mother-in-law does not give the property rights to her brother and dies before that, then the property will be transferred to my husband. My question is, will I or my daughter have any right in the same? Can my mother-in-law’s brother pass it on or sell it without our consent? To sell it off, who’s signature is required?

This is urgent and very important. pls help

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    Normally, only if BOTH the mother in law and brother died would the property then transfer to son (your husband) and/or any other children of mother in law and children of brother equally.

    But you posted this question under INDIA, so laws maybe different there. The site I listed shows examples of India succession.

    good luck