Learn How to Get Started in Investing in the Stock Market?

i am 20 and pursuing CA..i want to learn about stock market mechanism, so that i can invest. There is lot of material on net..but it is all unorganised. please suggest me some books which can help me to understand how to invest in indian stock market.

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  1. hello.
    Im 23 and I have been studying the stock market since I was 16. I’ll tell u what i have grown to love stocks and i like to say im pretty good at it.. I have made gains over 100% and I have had losses which I am ashamed to say 🙂
    the stock market is a lifetime learning thing..
    when I started, I had no experience and KNEW NOTHING.. I now run my own portfolio and I know what Im doing but that took about two years 🙂
    so read, if u have money, invest in things you like,so when they get bad you can stick with it…
    i have stock picks if u wanna discuss that.. ill ask u right now.. what are your favorite companies?
    if u wanna talk, send me an email through this… yahoo address thing…
    i am writing a blog also targeting young people our age to learn about investing.. im just getting started.. so yeah message me and i will help and answer ur questions..
    u want a book title?? try “the little book that still beats the market”…. its the most basic book you can read that will teach you basics.. and possibly make a pick that will earn money

    blog address is: streetvectors.wordpress.com
    u can try to message me there…

  2. Whether you are trading the USA, Indian or any other stock market you have to learn how to read what price is doing and to learn to read the charts. The charts will tell you what everyone in the market is doing and what they are thinking. You learn to do that, you will know how to invest and trade. I think the greatest resource is Youtube, there are so many tutorials it will keep you busy for a long time.

  3. As a beginner in the stock market, one of the first investing concepts I learned about was the price earnings ratio or simply P/E.
    This ratio is simply a measure of how many multiples of a company’s earnings you are paying for it’s shares.
    This is useful because it provides a standard measure which we can use to compare the value of two or more companies.
    Using share price alone to compare various stocks is meaningless (I’ll explain why a little later) – we need a way of comparing apples with apples.
    Price earnings ratios provide this mechanism.

    All other things being equal, a stock with a lower PE ratio would provide better value than one with a higher PE.
    How To Calculate Price Earnings Ratio…………………….
    The price to earnings formula is as follows:—————-

    Price To Earnings Ratio = Company Share Price / Earnings Per Share

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