Last date of income tax filing over? What if I file now?

I could not file my income tax within the last date (31st July). What if I file now? I heard that the last date is generally extended every year, lol, first simply extended and then extended with fine. Please tell me do I have to pay any fine now?

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  1. Last date for income tax refurn for FY 2010-11 was 31st July 2011 for all non corporate assessee and who are not required to get their account audited u/s 44AB.
    But you can file your return upto without any penality but you have to pay interest @ 1.00% PM on amount of tax payable. After 31.03.2012, you will have to pay Income Tax, Interest and Penality also

  2. If you could not file your income tax within the last date (31st July) there is no prevention to file it now. You have no fine to pay (up to 31st March 2012) if you file it now, but may incur liability to pay interest @ 1% per month for every month (or part thereof) delayed beyond the due date of filing return, on tax payable, if any, as per the return filed by you.

  3. You can file it now or even uopto 31 st March 2012.if you dont’ have a tax liability.
    If you have tax liability you have to pay a interest @12% p.a. which is a very nominal
    amount.Pay the interest on your tax amount on monthly basis & forget.

  4. All persons having income from salary And business profession having taotal turnover below Tax Audit Limit have to file their retuns of Income before due date .i.e. 31st July every year. This year the last date not extended.
    However You can file your return right now or at time of your choice by paying interest on Tax payable but before 2 years from the last date of F.Y. 2010 – 2011i.e. 31st March. 2013.

  5. the due date of 31st july is in case of assesses who are salaried, or who do not come under the purview of section 44AB of the IT Act, 1961. if there is a refund claim in your return then the interest paid u/s 244A will be reduced accordingly. and if you have not paid all your taxes by 31/3/2011 then you may have to pay interest @ 1% as per section 234A, B or C.

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