Jeevan Mitra Triple Cover OR PPF+term paln?

i have just started investing in Jeevan Mitra Triple Cover for 7 lacs SA for 30 years and paying 28531 per year.

if i drop this policy and invest in PPF (19.5k) + term plan for 30 lacs by paying 9k per year

will i get better return in it or in above one? .

what would be aprrox return in both case?.

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  1. PPF+term plan is better option than jeevan mitra.
    i can give better option 12k in SIP of HDFC top 200 or reliance growth and term plan +7.7k in ppf this will give you far better return than your second option

  2. I am investing Rs 6000 per month in LIC’s Jeevan Mitra-Triple cover policy since november 2012. so far i have invested Rs.42000. policy is for 30 years. sum assured is 15 lacks. Agent told me that after 30 years i will get around 60 lacks. Is this true?
    Now i feel that I am investing too high in this and want to surrender this policy (I will loose Rs. 42000). Instead of this will it be beneficial to invest Rs 2000 per month in Term plan and Rs 4000 in PPF. What amount i will get after 30 years from PPF. which is best LIC/SBI for Term insurance.
    Please Help.
    – Vidyadhar

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