i’ve a demat account of IDBI bank past 1 yr. before i used that for intraday?

in between of my studies i cant do that regularly. now i want do intraday. please give me some usefull tips to gain some money daily. i dont have much experience in it.suggest me some shares which can be useful for intraday.
Is it available 10 pasia shares in market.?????

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  1. Intraday has more risk attached to it. If you want to go ahead there are few sites like poweryourtrade, 10paisa etc which gives you tips if you are subscribed to their services.

  2. The way u hav asked the question…it seems u dont hav much of experience abt stock mkt. I hav observed everyone with basic knowledge tends to go for penny stocks…but be careful as these are the one which make investors (foolish) cry. Ups and downs in a stock mkt doesn’t depend upon any single factor…hence it is not easily predictable…there are thousand of factors…and if u hav ur basics right then only u would be able to predict the most powerful factor. I know I havn’t answer ur quest…still it may be usefull for u.

  3. For intraday trading you should choose volatile stocks. Also choose the stocks which are traded with good volumes. This will help you to sell when u want to exit, otherwise u may be locked in the stock when the prices are moving down.

    You should be equipped with live quotes streaming from the exchange. This is a crucial factor for intraday trading.

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