Its about money invested in mutual funds.?

What will happen to the money invested in mutual funds in this critical situation in the world? will the money be lost fully? or should we wait for the situation to improve? is it wise to withdraw now?Kindly guide.

Its about money invested in mutual funds.?
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  1. Watch Oprah tomorrow. Suzie Ormon will be the show and she will be talking about mutual funds, stock market, 401k’s and just about everything that our money has to do with.
    Can’t hardly wait.

  2. It all depends on what your investment time horizon is. If you need the money now, say for retirement, then it may be wise to cut your losses and cash out. Put the money in CDs or something else that is safe with a fixed rate of return. But if your retirement is 10, 20, or 30 years away and you won’t need to use this money until then, then leave it alone. There has never been a 10 year period where the stock market lost money. If you look at the large drops in the value of the stock market during the last 100+ years, historically the market has gained back all of the value that it lost and then some. This is one of those times where it is best to turn off the TV and not open your statements. If you just ride out the storm, you will look back in 5 years and tell yourself how smart you were to stick it out because your funds are worth so much more than you thought they would be.

  3. If you currently hold $ $ $ in a mutual fund chances are you are getting beat up. I know I am!! I am holding everything in place right now. Am I nervous? Yes, but I’m trying to look way down the road and rationalize that the market will come back and mutual funds and stocks will recover to some extent.

    If you only have a few hundred or maybe a few thousand dollars invested and you are under 40 years old you could consider cutting your losses and starting over. You have plenty of time before retiring and plenty of time to let your money re-grow.

  4. Leave your money where it is.

    If you withdraw your money now, you’ll be taking it out when it is worth considerably less. If you leave it there, the market will come back up, and the investment will go back up in value.

    After every crash, there has always been an even bigger boom. Keep that in mind. This crash won’t last forever, and you’ve got to have your money invested to benefit when the market comes back up.

    Best wishes

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