It is better to for SIP or Directly to interested Mutual find?

There are several types of Mutual Funds are there so can u suggest which one is better either SIP or any other?.If SIP Plz suggest Best Portfolio.I think SIP and Own Portfolio are Same…….Is it Right

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  1. SIP is Systematic Investment plan. You invest the same amount on a fixed date of every month (for fixed team 1,2,3…years) and you will be allotted some amount of unit of the mutual fund based on the NAV (value of the fund) of that particular day.

    The other option is lump sum investment, you pay one shot and you will be allowed certain units again according to the NAV

    Investment market is fluctuating all the time so with SIP the value of the fund averages out.

    Most mutual funds have both SIP and lump sum investment option.

    The below link will help you.

  2. SIP stands for systematic investment plan. You will invest small amounts of money in a mutual fund every month. this is SIP

    Investing via SIP is one of the best ways to invest in mutual funds and I would suggest you to take up such options of investing now.

    SIP and Own portfolio are not the same. Portfolio is a collection of investments that you hold. A Portfolio is nothing but the collection of investment instruments held by an individual or a company.

    For e.g., An investment portfolio may include shares, mutual funds, gold, bank deposits etc.

    To know more about portfolio visit:

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