10 Replies to “it is better 2 claim insurance 4 windshield replacement of alto lxi i have newly purchased ? whats cost ?”

  1. na its better to replace it yourself it cost like 300-600 a good windshield instead of paying your insurance company your deductible

  2. Pay for it on your own.

    Every incident you report to your insurance company could potentially make the monthly rate increase. In this case a new winshield should only be around $300.00 which is much cheaper than an overall increase in your monthly payments.

  3. I disagree I had a windshield replaced in my 2002 dakota The insurance paid for it the people that put it in waved the deductible And My rates never moved

  4. It depends on the policy you have. Most fully comprehensive policies cover windscreens to. Obviously you’ll have to pay your excess (generally around £50 – £75) and it will not affect your no claims bonus.

  5. Most claims will result in an increased premium. Some policies will allow for broken glass without an increase, check the small print on your policy. Generally though, it will be cheaper to pay yoursels rather than claim.

  6. it depends on the cost of the windshield, generally in india theree is no depreciation deducted for windshield, so you will get the cost of the windshield and labour charges in full, and as general policy conditions you may have to bear 50% of the sealant used and Rs 500/- ascompulsoryydeductionn for each claim, since yours is a new car youraccumulatedd no claim bonus is only 10% and you are not sure that you will not have a claim in this year, so think, final decision can be taken after checking the policy andestimate. contact [email protected] with details

  7. Its being alto and thereby Indian car and its repairs cost will be around RS ( INR ) 5700.00. As per general policy terms and conditions for comprehensive cover policy you will have to bear about Rs 550.00 as depreciation on sealants and rubber part and Rs 500.00 as excess clause. Thereby since your vehicle is new vehicle and must have almost full policy period ahead therefore are advised to claim the damage if is accidental in nature and falling under insured perils.

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