7 Replies to “Is this the right time to invest in Mutual Fund. Which is the best MF to invest and how to invest 20000 now?”

  1. i think it is still not a good time to invest in mutual fund but if u want to invest in mf then buy reliance new fund where u can any time swich on to gov bond at this time and when market bottoms out u can change to equity

  2. No this is not the best time to invest MF. I would advise to invest in RD(recurring deposit ) or Fixed deposit. That will be secure and safe.

  3. There is no such thing as the “Best Mutual Fund”. A successful Mutual Fund portfolio is based on a good “asset allocation” model. It’s farly easy to create…. but ignored by many. Read a good primer like;
    Mutual Funds For Dummies

    Getting specific investing advice from strangers, whose qualifications and motives can never be known… is not healthy for your financial future. Worst yet…. they don’t know you!

    A small be of general advice;
    Don’t use a bank or insurance company for investments. Their fees are generally very high (and hidden), mediocre products & poor advice.

  4. Yes, It is right time to invest in mutual fund.

    If you want to invest for tax saving, SBI Magnum & Sundram tax saver is best.

    If not for tax saving then Reliance Growth & HDFC equity is best.

  5. If you have a investment period of 5 years and above, this is a good time to invest in Mutual Fund. Invest in a good diversified equity fund.

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