Is this right time to buy a flat in Mumbai ?

I am looking 1 BHK (525 Sqft approx) flat in Mira Road(E).
I am planing to buy on home loan. Even I am select 1 resale flat also but I am very confused because every budy says now property market has come down in Mumbai. Please let me know what I do ? Can I wait or booked ?

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  1. dude…. i suggest u book the brand new flat!! I know the real estate rates are a little shaky but the area u are in i dont think it makes much difference!! One more thing, the rates of the flats will always increase in future and also that you will find it easy to sell off the flat, if u want to, if its a first owner flat!!
    So… i suggest u go and buy the flat…..
    Even if u see it it is going to get a better price….

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