6 Replies to “is therte any insurance co. which will double my investment in within 10 years.?”

  1. MUTUAL funds are best for doubling your investments in 5 to 7 years……. you can go for a balanced fund from reputed fund houses like HDFC, RELIANCE or BIRLA MF. a balanced fund puts part of its corps in safe investments like bonds & part in equity thus there is adequate safety & reasonable growth.

    go to your bank & aske them details of all balanced mutual funds & am sure they will advise u.

  2. Any ULIP policy can give returns of your expectation.

    in 2005-06 bajaj allianz paid 48.16% return. Means if you invest in that ULIP in2005, you might have been doubled now.

    bajaj providing good market returns in ULIP.

    BUT in my opinion Dont choose ULIPs with high allocation charges
    Choose Capital Unit gain policy in Bajaj. This has lesser allocation charges (5% only). so you can save your capital by 15 to 28% than other ULIPs.
    Also dont buy it from tradational advisors. now a days bajaj ulips are available thrugh refferal marketing. in this way you can also earn more refferal commisions in addition to policy benifit.
    can you believe that three of your potential refferal can yield you 28crores in a course of time?
    its a lengthy subject. for more details about ULIPS and refferal bonus contact in
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  3. Never use banks or insurance companies for your investments. They generally perform badly, give poor advice & sell the most expensive products that usually are inappropriate or significanly more costly than the competition.

    Please take this seriously.

    Consider yourself warned.

  4. As per the Financial experts view, it is not right to mingle insurance with investment. Insurance companies are good in providing risk cover and not in investments. Hence take a good term policy like JEEVAN AMRIT or amulya jeevan from LIC at cheaper rates and invest the balance in any 5 star rated mutual funds or to save tax invest in best performing ELSS funds.

    Good luck

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