5 Replies to “Is there anyway to transfer money from India to Nigerian bank account holder?”

  1. You may go to any Nationalized Bank branch having foreign exchange dealing. You can buy DD on Nigeria. You have to fill up a form, if it is permissible as per Foreign exchange regulation, the Bank will issue a DD after collecting amount from you. You have to send the DD to your friend at Nigeria.

  2. Are you sure that your friend really went to Lagos and asked you to send money to him?

    For your information, this way of getting money is the basis of most computer related scams.

    Do check up from some reliable third party source or contacting him at his last known place / phone number that he is really in Lagos and you really need to send him money.


  3. Any bank in India having foreign exchange dealing can prapere a draft within
    prescribed limit of remmittances & for genuine purpose.You can send this draft
    to your friend by mail.You can also send a wire transfer if know the a/c details
    of your friend & swift code of his bank,which will be faster though little more
    Confirm your friend from your own sources before sending the amount.Don’t
    depend on email or third party communication.Lot of scams are taking place on these lines.

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