6 Replies to “Is there any site to obtain free NSE intraday tips?”

  1. Trading on “tips” is an amazingly dumb idea.

    Read. Study. Take a class. Learn to invest instead of pursuing something truly stupid.

  2. Yes there are many but all of them are loss making tips, some of them are scam & Cons. It is not advisable to trade on others tips blindly. Best you can do is to read Economics times regularly and watch Business TV news channel. By the way all the business tv channel gives free tips.

  3. if i know which stock will rise and which will fall
    y shud i tell anybody for free…..?
    there is no thing as free lunch pal…learn tht

    I keep telling everybody, it takes 9 months to make a baby, so i don’t know how one can make fast money in day or 2 through stock trading. it doesn’t happen that easily. I can say this from personal experience.

  4. There are numerous sites which give buying/selling -intraday/short terms/long terms tips.But believe me all the sites are useless and please do not trust them at all.Do some research about a particularly stock .Observing the stock for a couple of weeks if satisfied then only invest in that stock.Keep your investment portfolio to some worthwhile stocks like Tata groups(but not Ambani group)etc.

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