Is there any problem if I do not submit income tax return?

My income during first year of service (2008-2009) was not taxable and so I did not submit income tax return. Will there be any problem due to this?
In case I need to show (for some official purpose) income tax return for the last two years, can I submit the nil return for the financial year 2008-2009 now?
I would like to get information relevant in Indian context.

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  1. You were STILL required to file a tax return!
    You are still required to file a tax return.
    Having nontaxable income (assume you mean combat pay) does NOT excuse you from filing a return.
    The purpose of filing a tax return is to report ALL income from all sources, to determine amount of taxable income, to determine tax and to determine whether a refund or payment is due.
    If there was any withholding from your pay, filing a return can get you a refund, but there is a time limit. . . . .you MUST file before 4/15 for 2007 or your refund dissipates. . . . . .starting in 2010, there is a PENALTY for failure to file a return, even when a refund is due or there is no tax liability. . . . . . .
    There is plenty of free and paid advice available to our service members, and you ignored it

  2. if income is less than exemption limit before deduction then return is not mandatory ,otherwise return is mandatory . further you can still deposit return of fy 2008-09 up to 31.03.2011

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