5 Replies to “Is there any other plan like “Birla Sunlife Dream Plan” for the investment cum insurance?”

  1. You would be pleased to know that there are a lot of insurance plans with good returns!

    I won’t comment on them first, without understanding your requirements/financial goals.

    I’d like to hear from you & work out your insurance needs with you. Please call 022-24306249 preferably on weekdays during working hours (10am to 7pm)

  2. As the name of the plan indicates, it’s a dream plan. In fact the projected returns will take you within dreams and when you open your eyes, you’ll find your money nowhere.
    To make it clear please go through the returns if given to any of the policyholder, of the said company.Past performance as well company’s standing is very important. How can a company assures good returns if they are in losses of hundreds of crores. IRDA ‘s annual report shows the profit/ losses of all the insurance company.
    If you need a good plan for investment, LIC offers a variety of plans having a backup of proven past performance. Market plus1, profit plus, child fortune plus are some fine options you should go for.

  3. Birla Sunlife Dream Plan is a sort of Term Plan in which you get good risk cover + guaranteed returns.

    e.g. Age 48, Term 15 years, Total S.A. Rs 10 lakhs, Premium Rs 11,262/-

    Total Premium paid in 15 years Rs 1.69 lakhs

    Guaranteed Returns Rs 78,000/-
    Returns @ 6% Rs 91,000/-
    Returns @ 10% Rs 1.31 lakhs

    Do you call this investment? Before buying a policy try to understand the meaning & purpose of INSURANCE.


  4. Its not really good to talk about a specific product from a specific company, because the goodness of the product appears only in the long run, commenting whether its good or bad is premature.

    However you still need to think and know what you are buying and is it worth buying it.

    This plan talks about, guranteed returns and also flexible returns based on market performance whichever is higher. This is kind of a complex plan, and in a complex plan money is invested in lot of instruments, which means fund management charges will be relatively higher, if fund management charges are not high, then substandard people will be hired who can work for lesser remuneration, because more people are required for managing such a complex and diverse fund, either ways customer is getting effected.

    so go for a simpler plan, either guranteed returns or flexible returns but not a combination of both.
    If you are young and single, with less responsibilities and parents to help you if any big expenses are coming then you can go for equity based investment, take high risk for higher rewards.

    If you are relatively on the higer side of the age, with very few working years left, big responsibilities, no parents support or other income to support your big expenses, then go for guaranteed return based investments.

    There are several other ways to decide what is good for you, which involves considering your lifestyle pattern, your residual income, any expected big expenses, additional income etc.

    All the best,your question was very interesting.

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