Is there any Life Insurance Policy for Physically Handicapped?

I am 30 yrs old unmarried male and self employed with General Shop. I am physically handicapped by birth (Medically says it may be Cerebral Palsy) cannot walk independently.

In this situation I didn’t get Money Back policy from LIC. It was rejected by the company. However I made insurance in TATA AIG for Invest Assure Future which same as Pension Plan. But I was interested in Invest Assure Flexi and I didn’t get. I got Invest Assure Future because there was no medical checkup for it.

Please inform me any good Insurance Plans like Money Back Policy for my condition. It should not reject after medical checkup. (Also Agent should have full knowledge.) I am interested in Regular Monthly Income Plans. So please suggest.

Is there any Life Insurance Policy for Physically Handicapped?
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    I have jeevan adhar policy and i am confused regading maturity benefits to mine handicapped dependent which are as follows .
    (A) either mine handicapped deprndent will be liable to avail all the benefits under this policy after my death only or after paying the all installmets of this policy or after completing live mine 65 years age .
    (B) either all the benefits will be in the form of annunity only or monthly .
    your kind honour is requested to please mail to me the actual facts regarding this policy and oblige me .

    thanking yoy

    my e -mail id is” haxxxxxx”
    my name is harendra kumar gupta

    my mobile no: is 9xxxx9

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