8 Replies to “Is there any Life Insurance Plan which is better than the Post Office’s “Postal Life Insurance” plan ?”

  1. Hi If a customer does decide within the 15-day free-look period that the policy he purchased is not suited to his requirements, the policy can be returned to the company. However, the entire premium paid by him will not be refunded. Costs incurred by the insurance company in the form of stamp duty charges and the cost of a medical check-up, if any, will be deducted before the payout is made.

    So contact insurance Co.

  2. There are number of polices with Income Tax benefits. You can contact any Development Officer of LIC or any State Bank of India, Branch Manager. They can guide you better. I suggest you to go a head with any nationalised Institution.

  3. Yes ofcourse
    Visit Max New York Life Comany agent advisor or contact me send me
    get Life Partner Plus this is a plan name medium premium and more get just visit only one time MAX NEW YORK LIFE
    i suggest three more plan
    1) Life Partner Plus
    2)Whole Life
    3) Smart step Plus Or Smart Assure
    Best of luck
    I hope u satisfy

  4. u can take ICICI Prudential’s LIFE TIME GOLD plan in which either u pay for 3 yrs then stop ur premiums or continue paying till full term. choice is ur.
    other is also god like INVEST SHIELD CASH BAK bcoz PLI is a cash back plan till i know abt PLI.
    these 2 plan r ULIP plan means they r connected market.
    1 Traditional plan named ICICI PRU CASH BAK which is not linked wid market.

  5. well. there are many good new companies have entered in this field.
    SBI- LIFE , LIC, BAJAJ ALLAIANCE , ICICI PRUDENTIAL, MAHENDRA KODEK, and few more new and foreign companies are giving ULIP POLICIES.( ULIP- unit linked insurance plans.)

    My dad has taken SBI Life Insurance ULIP Child Plan for my sister .
    It has many special features. Triple benefit, etc.

    Refer this blog.
    http://[email protected]

  6. Any general Life Insurance plan can be out performed by a private company mainly because company plans are not set up for each individuals needs. If you leave the company, guess what, you may no longer have life insurance coverage, and what if you developed a medical condition in the mean time and are no longer insurable? I spend hours customizing plans for each client to make sure their reason for coverage is met. As far as companies, look at Prudentials stock, not so good, as are many of the insurance companies out there right now. Would you really want your life in the hands of a company that will go belly up as AIG did? Stock companies have stock holders to pay out to, mutual companies such as New York Life, Northwestern Mutual, only have their policy holders. New York Life is the #1 rated company out there for a reason, I’ll be glad to answer any of your questions and help you set something up.

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