Is there a Safe ULIP Investment with Life Insurance Cos. which protects downside of market in India?

The markets are scarily going down…
In such a scenario where do I invest in India [Tax saving ULIPs would be preferred] so that I dont lose on the falling markets, but enjoy the upside. My concern is I dont lose my hard earned money at the same time enjoy high equity returns? Best would be investment in an 80% equity fund.
Is there any such insurance plan available?

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  1. Many people have not yet invested in equity market even though this is the fastest way of growing money only with fear of downside risk.

    But Capital Guarantee scheme from Kotak Life can protect your money from the fear of loss due to downside risk.

    Guaranteed Maturity Value is nothing but your Investment amount + int. of 2.75%.

    Investor can enjoy unlimited upside from capital markets with downside protection guarantee on your maturity value.

    Kotak has beautifully designed the Safe Investment Plan II by considering the disadvantage of equity market that fear of downside risk .

    The plan invests 80% of funds in equity, unlike other guarantee plans which invest 60%.

    Only with fear of downside risk no one think to invest the money into normal fixed investments which offers only 7% to 8% rate of return. This will cuts your the wings to fly in the colorful & spacious sky.

    Safe Investment Plan II is not only assuring Guaranteed Maturity Value but also cover the Life Insurance & investment by allowing flexibility in premium payment.( Limited premium or full term premium payment option.)


    1. Guaranteed Maturity Value:
    When market value of your fund is higher, you will get a higher return. & even though market goes downward, you will not be a loss bearer. You will get a Guaranteed Maturity value. Your return will not go below the Guaranteed Maturity Value.

    2. Death Benefit:
    This policy not only covers your downside risk but also covers the death benefit. In the event of unfortunate death, your beneficiary would get the sum assured (less any partial withdrawals made from the main account during the 2nd year immediately preceding death. If death occurs after attainment of age 60, all the partial withdrawals made from age 58 onwards will be set off against the sum assured.) Or fund value whichever is higher.

    3. Options:
    You can invest your fund in any option. Either in equity or debt or cash & money market or risk returns profile. You can switch your proportion any time in a policy year.
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    4. Life covers:
    Plan allows you to choose your life cover – sum assured on death; (a) high cover: policy term * Annual premium
    (b) Low Cover: Greater of (5 * Annual premium, 0.5 * policy term * Annual premium)

    5. Policy revivals:
    Even the policy holder is not paid any premium due to any reason; the lapsed policy can be revived within 2 years with the charge of 500.

    6. Tax Benefit:
    Tax benefit is available under section 80C, 80D & 10 ( 10D ).
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    Premium Allocation charge:
    It is lower in this policy. In the 1st year only 14% & 3.50 % from the 2nd year onwards.

    Administration charge: in the 1st year 7 % for premium up to 20000 & 3% for above 20000. From 2nd year onwards it goes on reducing.

    Fund Management Charge: It is from 0.6 % – 1.60 % on fund value. (Depending upon different funds.)

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    This is the Best ULIP by which you can gain unlimited upside return to fight inflation at the same time this protects downside risk by securing your money with assuring by Guaranteed Maturity value. This policy also provides policy revival facility, Flexible premium payment, Tax Benefit. The past trend of return of this policy is too good. As per our analysis this policy will definitely gives you the best effect.

    You can write to Madhura at [email protected] for more clarifications or guidance to purchase this product.

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