Is there a bond to be signed while joining Central bank of india as a PO?

Hi, can anyone who works in central bank of india or selected as a PO help me out on this one?
> how many days does the joining process take? i have to report on 29th ..will i be directed outright to my branch or place of joining? do i have to sign any bond at the time of joining ? which bank should i or cbi?

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  1. I am not en employee of Central Bank. Usually Banks take a Fidelity Bond means not to reveal any secret from the Bank. I do not think they take any other bonds.
    Banking job is good one and You have a lot of things to learn. Give good customer service and learn the system and procedure, if you have any doubt ask the seniors. Please note accuracy is important.
    In State Bank you will have three benefits on retirement, of course State Bank is bigger Choice is yours. Best Wishes.

  2. If you speak of bond then there is no such any but signing for fidelity. If you have completed your recruitment i.e. written exams and interviews then you have to report at the place along with your joining letters to the place where it was instructed. There you have to talk with the branch manager and have to undersigned the register that you have arrived and taken your post. From next morning you have to start you job as a Probationary Officer. Well congrats.

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