Is the Sensex rise everyday reflecting Indian Economy. ? ( BSE Sensex.)?

Is Indian Sensex controlling by RBI or Govt ?
People can reley to invest in some Mutual Funds. Or Shares, ?
What Indain Economist do think really ? Is it delayed economic growth correction? or reflecting true present growth ? Or Hype of somebody ?
I do want some light on this Subject. Awaiting your expertise detail answers.

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  1. Sensex is the sensitive index of 30 shares that are traded in the BSE. It’s not controlled by anyone. But all stock exchanges are controlled by SEBI (Stock Exchanges Board of India). They form rules and regulations.

    If the 30 shares which are in the index do good, ie; their prices raise, sensex will also raise, and vice-versa.

    I think Indian economy is doing good, but stock markets ups/downs are natural. Depends on what’s driving the market and how good the companies are doing.

    Suppose IT is doing well, and there are 10 IT scrips in the Sensex, then it obviously does well.

    Shares and Mutual Funds are both subject to risk.

    In shares, you directly decide which companies to invest in with the help of your broker. You are directly taking the risk.

    But in Mutual funds, you give money to some fund manager who is well experienced in the stock market and he takes calculated risks. Most cases, it may yield profit, but rarely it can result in loss too.

    If you want to enjoy the game, buy/sell Shares.
    If you want to play it safe, invest in mutual funds. (Mid cap)

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