5 Replies to “is the sensex and nifty due for a correction NOW????!!!?”

  1. The Nifty and the Sensex is obviously still in a long term uptrend and all technical indicators point towards more upside to come. In fact, even if it does go into a short term correction, it will come back up again as no index go straight up all the time too. It will always go up in a kind of staircase like behavior, so there is really no real need for a panic even if the market go into a correction. If you are a short term trader and cannot afford to hold and ride a correction, then you should exit at the first sign of a correction. As a technical analyst, it is easy to tell when the correction is going to happen.

    BUT… I see that you are listening to some advise and already panicking… if you are already panicking, you should just exit now and spare yourself the sleepless nights ahead thinking of your stocks every night and fearing for every day the market opens.



  2. follow these stop loss & hold ur position

    NIFTY – trend

    Short Term – DOWN SL 3936

    Medium Term – UP SL 3896

    Long Term – UP SL 3672

  3. First of all you need to be clear that “correction” is a part and parcel of the stock market. The important thing is not to panic if you believe in the India story. Please do not be swayed by comments of “experts”. This market has already made a fool of most of them. Moreover, the Sensex (30 stocks) and Nifty (50 stocks) do not cover the entire gamut of the stock market. What you need to closely track are the volumes and the breadth ( advancing stocks versus declining stocks) of the market.

    As Indians, we have always had this tendency to underplay ourselves, to be sceptical about the India success story. What we are seeing at the moment is an unprecedented boom in the economy. We are the worlds largest “young population” and no FII worth its salt can afford to stay away from investing in India.

    If any large correction does happen, use it as an opportunity to buy. There will be a high amount of volatility..but use it as a friend to buy and not as an enemy to panic.

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