6 Replies to “Is Sbi life “Smart Performer” plan a good plan in terms of investent,saving & insurance?”

  1. Never mix investment with insurance. Take cheapest “term plan” (icici prulife online term policy is best and cheapest). Take 10 times of your yearly income, if your yearly income is 5 lakhs then take term plan of 50 lakhs which costs you approx. 9 thousand per annum which is not refundable if you don’t die within period of term plan. Now for investment divide your investment into 2 or 3 equal parts and go to ur bank and ask them for SIP in mutual fund (top mutual funds are 1.)Hdfc top 200, 2).reliance growth and 3).Idfc equity) for minimum 10 years. You can invest for 1-2 yrs also but investment for long term is best(15-20 years)

  2. Avoid investment in any insurance scheme. It is only a ploy to lure you.

    For insurance , stick to PURE TERM ONLY. Nothing else.

    For INVESTMENT , go for a combination of PPF / SIP in MUTUAL FUNDS / DIRECT EQUITY.

  3. Hello,
    Well ULIPs are a very good option but returns will be good & safe to invest.
    How much are willing to invest ?
    We have different plans which can give you good return, also some min sum assured.
    You can get back to me at [email protected] for more details.
    We can suggest you the best plan rom various companys suiting your needs.
    Ruchi Kedia
    Richhpal Finacials

  4. Why you need insurance? Invest in SIP Your Self ( Systematic Investnement Plan ) and For The Insurance Life ( Term Plan ) & For medical ( Health Plan ) seperately.Thus How you will quite safer in all aspect.Rather than buying Insurance Policy This Procedure will Keep you in much wealth.
    Follow this you will remember always.

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