12 Replies to “Is property a better investment than a mutual fund or gold?”

  1. That all depends on if the property is developed, what the property is being used for or can be used for, and where it’s located.

  2. Property should no longer be looked at as an investment, look what recently happened to the market. Gold, however is theorized to be a bubble as well (just as housing once was). If I had to pick between the three, I would say the mutual fund VFINX. Although you need a $ 3,000 initial deposit, it has the lowest fees and best return of many mutual funds. If you do not feel comfortable with that, go for gold. I personally prefer to invest in individual dividend stocks myself.

  3. It can be. It can also not be. It depends on the property. All three have advantages and disadvantages. It comes down to knowing everything you can know about an investment before you invest.

  4. if u r in india then there is many thing u have to see for investment
    u donot get tax benefit if u invest in gold or real state so u must invest some money in mutual fund and other insurance policies
    after that is u still have spare money then buy gold.in these days u donot have to buy physical gold from gold smith,u can buy gold eft from banks and they r more good and easy to handel
    after that if u still have money and big money then u go for real state

  5. It really depends on the type of property and mutual fund. Gold and land itself doesn’t actually change value, the buyers and sellers can change the price but not the actual value.

    A REIT ( Real Estate Investment Trust ) can be a good investment, they typically invest in apartments, malls, rental properties and they can also buy and sell properties for profit. Of course, your dividends will depend on the managers of the REIT and their ability to manage their property and create revenue/profit.

    Gold: not an investment, as someone else said, it’s probably a bubble at the moment, so basically what’s happening is that a lot of people are buying gold and the seller is increasing the price, as that happens then more and more people try to buy it which further increases the price. Eventually the price will drop and there’s going to be a lot of people who will lose a lot of money.

    Mutual funds: This is a broad topic, as there are a lot of funds that hold, real estate, gold and stocks. Buying mutual funds will provide you with instant diversification, which is important because when you buy stocks your money will only do as well as that one company, and if that company goes bankrupt then all your money disappears.

    The S&P 500 index buys stocks of the top 500 companies in the US, whenever one of those companies goes under or fails to perform up to their standards then they are no longer included in this index. If you read anyone who has really studied the stock market, you’ll find that the S&P 500 has averaged a ten percent annual return, there’s not very many stocks or funds that can consistently give you higher than that, unless the fund is trying to track the performance of the S&P 500.

    Another final note, Warren Buffet who is currently considered the most ( or at least one of the most ) successful investor in modern history, he got an average of 18% on his investments, of course he studied the stock market 60 hours a week for many years, so unless you plan on spending that time on your investing strategy, it’s not unreasonable to expect about 10% on your investments.

  6. It is sometimes felt that the investment in property is better than in the equity markets. However investment in properties requires a large capital to be invested in the beginning. And in some cases the time period for the appreciation also might be very large.

  7. there is no doubt that property investment far exceeds in returns in long term.

    In long term gold or mutual fund may not be as reliable as property. The capital appreciation and income that property can generate in long term is unmatchable.

    But I say that property investment is not for small investors because initial capital requirement to buy this asset is very high. This is the reason why people opt for alternative investments like gold and mutual funds

  8. Depends on how good it is and how much you pay for it.If I found a condo at the beach for $ 15,000 and can rent it for $ 1000 a week ,its a good deal.

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