3 Replies to “Is PPF a/c not closable before maturity date ??. Any penalty ??”

  1. That’s right, PPF account can not be closed before maturity (15 years from date of opening). But if the intention is to withdraw money, then it is possible in two ways. First is to take loan. Second option allows you to withdraw (final withdrawl) upto 50% of the balance outstanding three years before the date of withdrawal. First such withdrawl is allowed only after account has run for 7 years. There are rules governing withdrawals. It will be worthwhile to speak to an agent.

  2. as long as you r in the same company where your ppf is being deducted nothing can be done… if u leave the job and declare that u r with out job u will get back the ppf depending u r working in govt /pvt company…. or join a small company which does not fall under the ppf law…advise is deduction is good…. pl

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