Is my life insurance advisor have licence to do policy?

i want to know that is there any web site where i can check that my insurance advisor is having licence issued by IRDA

and that is valid also.

Is my life insurance advisor have licence to do policy?
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  1. Your state department of insurance may have a website, some states do and others don’t. Perform a search like where blank is your state, or try a google search like blank dept of insurance. If you do not find the agent’s status on the web, then phone your state insurance department and make an inquiry. They get these type of calls all the time. You are a wise consumer to check your advisor’s status. Good luck.

  2. You have the right to ask your advisor to show his license and it is his duty to show it to you. Without license one cannot do business.
    So far you do not have any problem in getting the policy by paying the premium by cheque, you need not worry about it. Because without license he/she cannot do the business, he may get it done by any other licensed agent.

    good luck
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  3. Ask for his Licence, Then Look for the validity period. contact his office and ask about if he is working for the company. They will resolve your query.
    If required you can mail to IRDA and they will help you out

  4. Your worry is valid. Sometimes agents hire subagents who do business on their behalf. Then the main agent now is not responsible for any goof-up done by sub agent & he can wash his hand. You should ask the person for the certificate & also check with the insurance company if he is directly enrolled with them. If direct enrolement is there, he will be a irda certified agent.

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