Is my diversified portfolio a good one?

With Rs.15,000 I plan to invest in the following stocks(number of shares not decided). I just want a fundamentalists view on them:
1.Alok industries
2.Aarti Drugs
3.Apollo Hostpitals
4.Amrutanjan Health care
6.India Cements
7.ITC India
8.Larsen and Torbruo
12.Bombay dyeing

Yes, I plan to make regular investments until I’m 45 😀

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  1. the number is good. It is not good for a portfolio to have too many stocks because it will be hard to analyse each one and decide when to buy more of a particular one or sell another. I think 45 is too soon, just keep investing in the portfolio for as long as you can. What do you mean that you want a fundamentalists view? it is up to you to research each one for yourself because it is your money being invested; i may tell you that 10 of them are good but that may change in the near future. Keep watching the changes in the businesses to see whether or not you will keep the stock or not.

  2. Analyse Each Company’s factors like Dividend, growth, sales, current market price , rate of return.etc

    Answer the following questions for each company
    1. Does it gives regular dividend to the share holders.
    2. if dividend is not been paid does the company is utilizing the resources in an optimum manner and maximizing the profit and increasing the market value.etc

    And you can view the company data on

  3. You have too many stocks for the amount you plan to invest–way too many. You have enough to invest in one stock. Reliance is the largest company on your list. It would maybe be the safest to start with. Beginning as an investor you might rather want to choose a mutual fund until you accumulate more capital. You can add to a mutual fund much easier than adding to an investment in an individual company. Also the specific risk is considerably less.

    Check out this link for mutual funds. I think you would be much better off going that route instead.

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