3 Replies to “Is it worth investing in Stocks,Mutual Funds,Insurance products in the present recession times?”

  1. I do. Do you think our economy will ever get better? Can you think of an economy in the world better than ours? The key you said, get back to where it was – when have we not got back to where we were and not gone higher still?
    As for insurance products, term life – yes, anything else NO. Stick with mutual funds if your not cut out for stock picking. I hope this gives you some desire to get back in. Good luck

  2. The Answer is a Firm NO, NO,NO.NO?
    Globally the entire world including India and China is going thru a financial turmoil.
    The stupid financial advisors will always advise you to invest in Mutual funds,Insurance products and stocks because they are selfish and want their AGENT COMMISSION/BROKERAGE and are not bothered about your hard earned money invested.
    I strongly recommend to invest your hard earned money in a FIXED DEPOSIT which will save your principal amount invested and get you an annual interest of at least 8%

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