Is it worth investing in ING Prime Life Insurance Scheme?

Its a life insurance plan from ING Vysya India and wanted details as to whether is it worthwhile investing in it. The link of the product on web is:

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  1. For age about 35 years, Annual premium Rs 12,000/- min., S.A – Rs 60,000/-:
    It is a ULIP.
    The charges in the 1st year are about 43%. Only the balance gets invested.
    Why do you believe that only insurance companies are the best fund managers?

  2. It is nothing but a cleverly drafted policy.

    They have tried to show that they are returning the first year allocation charge but they are not. If you complete the tenuare of 20 years, they pay back 60% in lue of 30%. in my opinion they are still charging you 18% & giving back you 12% (12% increases to 60% in 20 years) Also thety charge. Also they charge Rs. 1250/- in first month as policy admin charge (for rest of the months it is Rs 50 so there is extra charge of 1200 in first month. This charge is not paid back to you) so if you buy for 12K premium, it comes to extra 10% charge. so actual first year allocation charge is 18+10=28% for 12 K premium.

    you loose this return benifit if you surrender.

    Also they are charging a lot in name of Enhanced Accidental Protection Charges (.16 per thousand sum assured per month).

    In total looking at all the charges, it is not a good policy. Infact I could not find a single ULIP worth investing.

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