7 Replies to “Is It safe to provide our Pan Card number and Bank Account details to any website?”

  1. Neha, you have not provided the website name who is asking you for the pan card number and bank details.
    I assume your query is related to PayPal.com
    If yes, feel rest assured as PayPal is very safe and very reputed website.

    In order to get funds to your bank account in India you have to provide bank and pan details in paypal.com

  2. It depends upon which website you are using and for which purpose.Its better to maintain privacy when you are giving pan card number and bank account.

  3. Very very dangerous to your financial health.

    Unless it is the website of your bankers, DO NOT provide such information. If at all it is utmost important, try getting all the information from the website people.

  4. No its not dangerous.
    I dont know why peoples are saying it is harm full.
    Providing PAN no. to any website does not cause any harm.
    For any procedure you have to provide your Pan no.
    Let it be your job joining, Passport filling or Driving licence, you will need to provide PAN no. to respective website.
    No one can use or withdraw cash from ur PAN detail as per they dont know your bank account

    PAN details does not have any connection with Cash
    So dont worry

  5. Different website ask for these information for different purposes. One should give these information to only those website which are known and reliable and their purpose of asking these information is clear.

  6. Hmm..i can understand ur situation as some people must have this doubt in their minds.I too have this doubt as i also provide my Pan No. to dialabank site for making investment and it does not create any problem to me .

  7. No website may ask your bank details and PAN until you are going to get some money, lottery sums are fake.
    so be rational

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