7 Replies to “Is it safe to buy a flat in a building which had not get completion certificate from the authorities?”

  1. If the same is built by a builder, its likelihooh you will not find the completion certificate. If the certificate is there, nothing about it !!

  2. it depends on why the completrion certificate has not been given. the information given by u is not sufficient for an intlelligent reply

  3. no u shouldnt as the builders r very self-fish these days….firstly they ll promise u that they ll get the certificate…once you pay them they wont fullfill their promise…also if no completion certificate is given probably the construction has been done against the rules…u shouldnt invite trouble to ur doorstep…doing this yourself u wont get anything rightaway but will have to stand in govt offices lines and waste ur time as they will take it casually…

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