11 Replies to “Is it safe to associate my credit card with paypal?”

  1. I have had a paypal account for over 7 years now and I know others who have also and have known of no regrets from anyone, just about anyone who deals with ebay, has one. and I have my bank account registered with paypal, which I hear it is easier with the credit card, than a bank account.

  2. I think you’d be better off associating your credit card with me, please send the information.

    Ok, just kidding. I’ve been a paypal user for about 7 years and have had my CC on file with them for about 3 years now. I’ve never had a problem personally.

  3. my mom has used ebay for a few years now and has had no problem with linking her credit card to paypal. i’ve used it a few times, as well, and have yet to find any problems with it.

  4. Yes- It should be safe. You cant use Paypal with out it.
    Pay pal is an Ebay company and very secure. I have never had an issue. You link your card, send money and the receiver gets paid, less the paypal fee.
    You may want to also link a bank account as well. You can request payment from any one with pay pal, like rent, and just move money online to a bank account if its sent to you.

    But be careful of the phishing crap. You will get emails regularly asking for info, just ignore them.

    If you want to send some $$ to me to test it, just ask! 🙂

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