Is it possible to shift from life insurance marketing to another marketing line ?

im working in life insurance marketing as a sales manager. is it possible for me to shift my profession on other line except insurance field ? if yes, what are the possible lines that arev available and suitable to me ?

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  1. Of course
    The choice is yours
    Nobody under the sun can stop you from changing your profession.
    As a marketing professional you have many choices. It depends on your ability and choice.
    Go ahead ! Take the plunge.
    (And of course ! Cover yourself adequately!!)

  2. I’m not sure what you mean here, so I’m going to make guesses here..

    If you plan to leave the company, you can take your license(s) with you and work for a different company.

    If you plan to get licenses in other areas such as auto insurance or health insurance, you are allowed to do so. However, if the company you work at currently does not offer the other products, you may be able to work at 2 different companies. The only problem here is that it may cause conflict of interest and if there isn’t any conflict of interest, both companies will have strict policies on sharing clients. For example, if you sell life insurance for Company X, you can’t sell a product to the same client from Company Z.

    You can get other sales job that is totally different from insurance such as getting into real estate or selling cars or be an investment broker.

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