Is it ok to purchase HDFC Gold Mudra.?

Today I have purchased HDFC gold mudra of 10 gm at Rs 12000. But when i checked local newspaper i found that gold is priced at some where 10500. Please comment.

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  1. If u r worried about the quality of HDFC gold, then be rest assured that the gold u get in all the banks is certified & u get an authentic reciept for the purchase. Yes the price is more than the market price, I think its inclusive of taxes etc., but I would suggest that u don’t invest in gold at the moment unless its must for u to buy gold because this is the peak time & gold prices are touching skies now whereas just 3 months ago gold was between Rs. 8500 & 9000 for 10 gms. If u wana make profit out of it u better wait for another 3 or 4 months then buy it & again sell it during Oct or Nov next year, u really can make good profit then.

  2. You purchased from any bank they charge more than market rate that they give for purity for that only you ask for if they purchase how much you get ?

  3. It is better to avoid buying pure Gold coins /bars from any Bank for the following reasons.
    1. Banks add too much margins
    2. None of the Banks purchase it back, even if you approach the same Bank and Branch, they don’t buy it back.
    3. You have to sell it to other jewellers, as the jewellers already sell at discounted rate, you will get less money only.

  4. If you want to invest in Gold as investment please be guided as under>>

    I feel that best way of investing is through Goldbased Exchange
    Traded Fund.Presently following ETFs are there

    Reliance MF is also coming out with Gold ETF.

    Why I suggest because, in case of purchase gold coins/bars etc. there is heavy loading of charges + taxes. As you get gold @ 1200/-gm. 150/- as charges of Bank. Your break-even point is 1200/-per gm as the institutions are not under obligation to buy back same. In case you sell in market, market rate only will prevail. (???)
    Then nuisance of safe-keeping same.
    Then not so much liquidity as ETF.

    Now ETF’s one unit is slightly lower than 1 gm. of gold. The same is freely traded in stock-exchanges incl. NSE. The charges(brokerages + taxes) are very very nominal. Brokerage is negotiable as per business. But it is not more 0.75%.
    You can purchase/ you can sell any day, as much units you want.

    So why not go for ETF.

    Now future of Gold
    Dollar is likely to be sliding – oil prices will rise – Gold rates are likely to go up in near future.Still, This segment is not so volatile as stock market. The downside risk will not be so severe.

    Kindly be guided by above.


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