Is it OK if , instead of opting for SIPs in mutual fund , I opt for manual monthly investment in them ?

I get 2 advantages in this regard 1) i can invest when market is low 2) SIP is a mothly commitment but I may not have fix income per month so I may not be able to invest in mutual funds in some months due to lack of extra money.
So is this a right policy , does manual investment and SIP differ in any other regards so as to affect returns ?

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  1. u r right in choosing at ur will i also invest like this i does not find any shortfall in lumpsome investment when market is low but u have to be alerted at every seen of market

  2. Hi Bond,

    It is prefectly okay if you go with sip in monthly manual mode, no wrong and no great difference if one select sip or go for sip manually.

    But personal experience, I feel we are very lazy in terms of investing manually even you invest good time online but when come to investment we simply forget even how dedicated we are.

    I decided that i will go with gold etf every month as no option is available for sip, but seriously i forget every month or when remember nothing is left to invest ha ha

    So best is start sip then going for manual monthly investment plan as it never works.

  3. this good but it is time consuming it might be possible that you may forget to invest on particular month right now you are thinking of short term but for investing long term like 20 years you will not have enough time to check share market every day and decide on which day you will invest.

    better is to take and sip if you really want to invest manually than invest in share market direct take demat and trading account.

    this might be good chioce

  4. Hi,

    As far as choosing between lumpsum & SIP investment is concerned…i will vouch for SIP for the simple reason that it averages out…

  5. You can do manually but is it worth all the trouble. Instead collect Rs 12000 and invest in a liquid fund and give systematic transfer instructions to an equity fund.

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